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Initially inspired by the Graffiti scene, Snik is a street art duo that has been working with stencil and spray paint for over ten years. Their paintings tell stories of the everyday and the beauty that is found there, but it’s Snik’s attention to detail and their bold aesthetic that has most come to define their signature style.

If you head down to Ship Row and down to the front of the Pure Gym building, you'll find the rather stunning piece by Snik. Snik is a duo made up from Nick and Laura who are a couple. They create large scale stencil pieces, often depicting females caught in a moment of extreme movement. The piece in Aberdeen is called 'Hold Fast Hope' and features a girl being dragged into the air by small birds using a piece of rope. To hold fast is to keep strong or to hold on during stormy times. A sailing term, its a nice reference to the harbour location of their mural. Although they use stencils to lay out their pieces they also free hand and add into each piece which gives their work its unique look. They are one of the most in demand artists operating in the street art scene and its a real honour to have a piece of their work in Aberdeen.