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Born in 1985 in Lismore, Australia but of Scottish descent, Fintan Magee is considered one of the world’s leading figurative street artists. Transporting the viewer beyond mundane routines and expectations into a world of unexpected beauty and chaotic balance, his paintings highlight the extraordinary nature of our everyday existence.

Hailing from Australia, Fintan Magee is a mural and portrait painter although not in the traditional sense. Often playing with themes around politics, humanitarian issues and social justice and inequality, Fintan opted to paint not 1 mural but 2 for his debut visit to Aberdeen. His mural depicts 3 figures standing on a broken wall. A reference to trumps then rhetoric of building walls, instead Fintan asks us to look beyond our own biases and to find connections with our neighbours. The murals were painted over a 10 day period and were assisted by local artist Mary Butterworth.