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Bordalo II’s large-scale sculptures depict animals made out of discarded and recycled materials. Through portraying creatures made from the materials that are responsible for the destruction of their habitats, Bordalo II draws attention to the problem of waste and pollution, and its effect on the planet.

On the side of Rustico’s you will find the trash unicorn by Bordalo II. Bordalo takes his name from his grandfather who is Bordalo I. A duo from Portugal, they specialise in creating rather stunning animals out of bright coloured plastics. Wheelie bins, plastic pipes and car parts were all used in the construction of their piece. Using power tools, the duo cut and mould their materials to create the rough shape of their chosen animal, usually one which is affected by the ever-increasing plastic pollution we create. Being in Scotland it seemed only right to create a Unicorn being our national animal. However, the pair only paint half of the mural, opting to leave the bright plastics exposed. The idea behind their work is not to make a pretty animal but instead to highlight the ugly trash, much of which will sit in land fill sites for thousands and thousands of years. As we continue to produce and use plastic-based products the problem will continue to grow. Only through educating children on where their plastic waste goes do they hope to see a change in the current attitudes towards plastics and sustainability. The piece is aptly titled Endangered Dreams. What does the future hold for the coming generations who will no doubt have to deal with our plastic problems.