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Manolo Mesa began painting graffiti with his older brother Francisco Mesa in 2002. Since then his activity and evolution in urban art has developed in his hometown of El Puerto de Santa María until he entered the University of Fine Arts in Seville in 2008. At this point, he decided to put aside the more traditional world of graffiti to start his pictorial work on walls. Since then, he has lived in different cities such as Perugia (Italy), Bilbao, and Paris. In 2013 he began working with the PDP gallery in Paris, participating in different individual and collective exhibitions and art fairs in Paris, London, Madrid, New York and Los Angeles. His mural interventions have been seen around countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, India, South Africa, Germany, England and the United States.

Instagram - @manolo_mesa


Manola Mesa (2023)

Manola Mesa (2023)