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Herakut (DE) is a symbiosis of the aliases Hera and Akut, two artists from Frankfurt and Erfurt, Germany, who joined forces in 2004. Their creative process, which involves each artist improvising on top of the other, results in heavily stylized artworks that are both sensual and savage.

Heavily narrative-based, Herakut depict imaginary worlds inhabited by a variety of characters and creatures. The contrast between Akut’s painstaking photorealism and Hera’s more expressive approach bringing about a frenzied aesthetic to their finished pieces.

The duo, widely regarded as leading lights of the global street art movement, have painted and exhibited in cities all over the world from São Paolo to Kathmandu.

Instagram @hera_herakut

Photo Brian Tallman Artist Herakut April 14 2017 4896 x 3264 DSF5774


Herakut (2017)

Herakut (2017)