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Dr. D is a London-based artist and ‘subvertiser’. Using a cut and paste technique to ‘doctor’ everything from big brand billboards to political posters, Dr. D mimics the scale and visibility of advertising to raise awareness about who has the power and authority to communicate messages and create meaning in our urban environment.

The act of subverting advertisements (or ‘subvertising’) has long been utilised as a tool for social commentary and protest within the field of street art. Dr. D’s wry and insightful observations often appear in response to current affairs and social debate, providing a subversive take on mainstream news and media.

By incorporating the same aesthetic, logos and fonts of the original material, Dr. D’s interventions are embedded within the physical landscape and can be easy to miss at first glance; emphasizing the insidious nature of outdoor advertising and its co-option of in public space.

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DSC3310 DR D Brian Tallman Photography April 12 2018