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Add Fuel is a Portuguese visual artist and illustrator who reinterprets the language of traditional tile design, in particular the Portuguese ceramic Azulejo (glazed tiles).

His technique of revealing and obscuring surfaces beneath or on top of existing structures and walls creates a unique optical illusion effect created through a combination of tessellations. From a distance these vector or stencil-based works appear to be recreating traditional motifs but are in fact brimming with pop and contemporary art references, rendered with a masterful attention to detail. Underpinning Add Fuel’s practice is his desire to challenge the viewer to contemplate the history and heritage that lies beneath the facades and pavements of our cities.

To contextualize his street pieces, Add Fuel researches traditional patterns from the region in which he is working. He has been showcasing his work in both solo and group exhibitions since 2006, as well as participating in some of the world’s leading urban art events.

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012 Photo Brian Tallman Artist Add Fuel April 14 2017 4896 x 3264 DSF5678


Add Fuel (2017)

Add Fuel (2017)