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Alice Pasquini is a multimedia artist from Rome whose affectionate street art explores the brighter side of human relationships. Pasquini’s art revolves around the topics of femininity and independent women, and encompasses murals, paintings, and illustrations which tell stories about various acts of kindness and love.

Alice is an Italian artist who created two stunning pieces for the festival with the face on school hill and the couple watching the cruise ships on Shiprow. Alice uses sketches on acetates to line up and work out her pieces, often trying a few before settling on a design. She roughly sketches out her pieces before using spray paint to add colour which brings her work to life. Her Belmont street mural took a couple of hours whilst ShipROW was painted over a couple of days. Coming from a traditional graffiti background, Alice has carved her own path in the street art world and is one of the most in demand artists of the now.