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Following an increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Aberdeen, the Scottish Government has made the decision to change guidelines for the area of Aberdeen City.

These include the closing of hospitality businesses, both indoor and outdoor, restrictions on gatherings between households and advice on travel.

These guidelines will be reviewed again next Wednesday.

Some of the key changes include:

  • Businesses offering food or drink for consumption on the premises - such as pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes - must cease to offer this service.
  • Businesses are permitted to sell food or drink to take away, provided it is consumed off the premises.
  • Hotels and accommodation providers can offer room service, but must close hotel bars. Hotel restaurants may only open to provide food to staff and guests of the hotel.
  • Other sectors should continue to follow Phase 3 guidance, and be extra vigilant about hygiene and physical distancing.
  • People in Aberdeen City are asked not to travel more than 5 miles for leisure or recreational purposes. This includes to take holidays in other parts of Scotland or the UK.
  • Travel for essential purposes, such as work that cannot be done from home, education or for medical treatment, may continue.
  • People in Aberdeen City are asked not to meet other households indoors for leisure or recreational purposes, unless part of an extended household. You can still meet people outdoors.
  • Indoor visits to hospitals and care homes should be limited to essential visits only.
  • Shielding was paused on 1 August and is not being re-instated at this time.

For a full list of the changes to guidelines, see the Scottish Government website here