As of 31 March 2019, the Alive After Five free parking pilot, in selected Council owned car park's will come to an end.

We will continue to work with business and Aberdeen City Council to explore options for further developing our wider Alive After Five strategy. Part of that discussion will be on how we continue to draw more people into the city centre of an evening and that will include those that choose to bring their vehicle.

Aberdeen Inspired has introduced a range of initiatives geared towards a buoyant Alive after 5 strategy. This includes introducing the first Evening & Night-time Economy Manager in the country to stimulate our ‘night-time’ offering, Aberdeen Restaurant Week, Inspired Nights on the Green and our growing cultural events.

It is of course a challenging operating environment, and nobody is blinded to that, and we’ve had to adjust our expectations accordingly, but the successes we have had in this field are through working risk positively and in an array of meaningful partnerships to deliver for the north-east public, and that’s the way we need to continue.

If you would like to provide feedback on Alive After Five - please complete our survey here