Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “I feel it is worthy to note that Aberdeen Inspired was delighted to have been leading at a national level in ensuring this particular fund was extended to our cities.

“We are delighted that our City Council has supported both our proposals, of parklets and suspended signage, to the combined value of some £500,000. These proposals are rooted in already agreed strategies with the council.

“Further engagement with the council and other relevant stakeholders is hugely important and the work begins in earnest to ensure we now deliver the best possible product in the tight timescales applied nationally.

“Both projects clearly have the potential to fit with the Masterplan, encouraging pedestrian flow through our proposed ‘suspended signage’, with the ‘Parklets’ offering the much needed and asked for space for people to relax in their city centre.

“It is well documented the challenge to the high street generally and with that in mind such opportunities to maximise on any/all funding streams, whatever the amounts, need to be grasped as we all look to enhance our city centre.”

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Suspended signage