Megan Beaudry

Megan truly believes that Aberdeen Restaurant Week is the most wonderful time of the year - an opportunity to get out and taste what her wonderful city has to offer!

Since moving to the Granite City four years ago, she has made it her mission to highlight the rich culture and experiences available in her area to her online audiences. In Megan’s spare time you will catch her on a hike exploring the shire, making her way through all her local cafes, or working hard as Aberdeen City’s official Food Tourism Ambassador with the hopes to inspire young people to take part in food tourism. Bring on #ARW2022!

Check out Megan's Instagram here.

Claire Jessiman // Foodie Quine

Claire Jessiman is Scottish food, travel and lifestyle online content creator originally from The Black Isle, now living in Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire. She has been blogging her Edible Scottish Adventures as her alter ego Foodie Quine ( since 2012. A mum of two and wife of one, she is passionate about cooking from scratch, seasonality, food education and family-friendly recipes. She's always keen to seek out food specialties, markets and experiences whilst travelling in the UK and abroad (remember when that was allowed?!) and is eager to champion local hospitality, farmers, suppliers and producers.

Claire has her finger in many pies and in addition Foodie Quine is also the owner two beachfront holiday rental apartments in Stonehaven (, volunteers at Stonehaven Community Larder, is a Jog Scotland leader and enjoys yoga, theatre and all things Aberdeen City and Shire. Claire’s addiction to social media knows no bounds and she can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @foodiequine.

Nikki // Nikki Eats the World

Meet Nikki, the face behind the food photos! With a love for all things tasty – from fast food to Michelin star dining – Nikki decided to take her passion for food global in 2018 and has enjoyed sharing her food adventures from as far afield as New York, Boston, Dubai and Queenstown. A bit closer to home she is a keen supporter of ‘eat local’ so you’ll probably find her in one of Aberdeen’s many fantastic foodie spots (and quite possibly with a gin in her hand)!

Check out more from Nikki Eats The World here.

Jenni Lawson // WhatJenniEats

Meet Jenni Lawson, a lawyer by day, but in her spare time, shes an avid foodie, and creator of @whatjennieats, where she shares her own recipes, and reviews of restaurants!

She loves supporting local, and so is delighted to be involved with Aberdeen Inspired’s Restaurant Week!

Check out more from Jenni here.

Colin Fraser // The Food Hoover

Whether it's eating out or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Colin (a.k.a The Food Hoover) is never far away from food. When he's not writing about food he's blethering on about it on his food podcast Dishin' It where he catches up with food brands and content creators to share food stories from all across Scotland. From local food news to eatery reviews and recipes to food-fueled travel inspiration, you’ll find something for your taste on his blog, podcast, Instagram and Facebook page.

Check out Colin's Aberdeen Restaurant week podcast here and his Flying Visits videos here.

Christy// Dinner Stories

Christy is a blogger and content creator from Aberdeenshire who loves to eat, travel and get outdoors as much as possible!

Check out Christy's website here and her Instagram here.

Morven & Darren // Waffling on About Food

Meet Morven and Darren a food loving couple living in Aberdeen.

They grew up loving food and since becoming a couple this has only escalated!

Together they share a snapshot of all things foodie on their Instagram, Wafflingonaboutfood. This can range from home cooked meals and latte art to their top recommendations in cities around the world.

They love finding new places to eat as well as heading back to their favourite regulars time and time again.

One of their favourite things to do is try new foods or anything seasonal! They also love trying out recipes at home, with some successes and some disasters!!

Aberdeen’s food and drink scene is exploding and they can’t wait to explore more of it during this years ARW!

Check out more from them here.

Becca Walker // Lipstick and Late Nights

Becca Walker is a fashion loving lifestyle blogger with a passion and supporting local businesses.

Becca has been part of the ARW blog squad since 2018, bringing you no nonsense reviews with a few laughs along the way. As the resident vegetarian on the squad, she'll bring you the scoop on all of the fabulous veggie and plant-based options out there.

This year, you'll probably find Becca dining out, lunch and dinner, at every opportunity and at as many venues as possible, because let's face it, we have a lot of making up to do this time around!

Check out more from Becca here.

Kerry // Documenting My Dinner

Kerry of Documenting My Dinner is passionate about creating recipes, using local produce and generally promoting good food in Aberdeen and beyond.

Check out more from Kerry here.

Kirsty Jarvie

Born and bred in Aberdeen, Food blogger and Youtuber, Kirsty Jarvie, has watched the food scene flourish in her hometown in recent years. An avid foodie, Kirsty can always be found enjoying local eateries with friends. Her go-to is Asian cuisine and street food, but she also can’t say no to brunch whenever she is invited! When she isn’t devouring food, Kirsty loves taking her golden retriever, Casper, on adventures around Aberdeenshire and working up a sweat at the gym. Kirsty has been an ARW ambassador since 2018 and cannot wait to share more of the enticing menus this year has to offer with her audience.

Check out more from Kirsty here.

Natasha Gordon // Seasoned Eater

I’m Tasha, a food blogger from Aberdeenshire. My foodie addiction is funded by my day job in Oil & Gas.

I am lucky to have a family of foodies, and I associate many of my earliest memories with what I was eating at the time, be that tomato sauce sandwiches I would request for my primary 1 lunches, my favourite childhood dish of kedgeree (my 83 year old Nana still makes it for me occasionally), the coleslaw I made at school the day my sister was born, to my Mum taking me for my first Michelin experience at the ripe old age of 13! My parents are 100% responsible for this addiction of mine, despite the fact they are continually flabbergasted at my dedication to the cause and how many places we can eat at in one day. My sister can vouch that trips away with me consist of the usual three meals of the day plus my personal favourite ‘drinks and snacks’ which is my way of sneaking in another couple of delicious morsels.

I enjoy trying food from all around the world, and my (turned foodie) husband and I plan all our holidays and breaks away around where we are eating and drinking. I include drinking as being Scottish that is another passion of ours, however, for me less so in our national drink and more so in wine. I have been attending wine tastings and courses for the last ten years or so (another one I blame my Dad for) and finally got round to completing my first qualification in wine a couple of years ago, with plans to continue on this path. Fun fact: I spend more time reading about wine than I do drinking it ;)

I eventually started my foodie Instagram account during lockdown after being nagged at for some time by those who knew me. It started with me just posting more and more about food on my personal account during lockdown to keep in touch with foodie friends, and because I now had a bit more time to play around in the kitchen. It quite quickly became all about food, and so it was only appropriate I renamed the account to a more suitable name – Seasoned Eater.

Why did I pick Seasoned Eater? – well there are two reasons, firstly ‘seasoned’ being the description of someone who has been around forever, doing what they do and doing it well, and secondly my pet hate is under seasoned food, it’s something so simple that can really make or break a good dish for me.

My Instagram continues to be my main outlet for showcasing the restaurants I visit, the food I devour, the local produce I love to eat, and occasionally dishes my husband and I whip in our kitchen at home.

Check out Tasha's instagram here.

Lauren & Peter // Our So Called Life

Our So Called Life is a Scottish food, travel and lifestyle blog by Peter and Lauren.

Filled with easy recipes, honest restaurant reviews and our top recommendations for all things Aberdeen and Scotland.

Frankie Armstrong // Frankie Eats

Pint sized Scottish Italian who can pack away the food 🇮🇹

And by packing it away, I mean from a young age my friends were always amused how I could easily polish off a takeaway main and 2 rice's. Who knew I could class that as a skill?

As a kid, my friends' parents would love having me over as I would eat anything and clear my plate every time. Fast forward, many many years, I now cook for a family of 4 when there is only 2 adults, resulting in us usually having 2 plates of dinner each night. Portion control is not my forte.

I do eat everything, well near enough, just not raisins, they are too wrinkly like when you've sat in the bath for too long. No thanks to that. On another note, I had never had an individual pie before I moved to Aberdeen. Crazy, I know. A) Where had I been? And B) Hello 24 hour Aberdeen bakery shop.

I grew up with great cooks, my parents - mum Scottish and dad Italian, along with many visits to see family in Italy and enjoy the beautiful fresh ingredients and Nonna's cooking.

Good food brings good mood. The joy of just eating something delicious, a moment of pure indulgence which is hard to beat, especially when enjoyed with friends and family.

Food has always been a passion to me. My love for food naturally flowed into my Instagram page which started simply as a story of what I was eating @_frankie_eats. It has slowly grown as more people followed me on my food journey. Which is just, really nice.

I love supporting local businesses and giving them shout outs. There is so much hard work that goes on and it's great to show off all the great produce and tasty offerings we have around us.

On a non-foodie note, a few facts about me:

• I am a Chartered Accountant, but not your typical square.

• I'm currently off work on maternity leave following the arrival of mini_eats, our daughter Nina, born in June this year. This girl sure has an appetite for Latte.

• I love rap and jazz music. When younger I used to get my friends to sit in my room and watch me rap whilst I also wore my cap (cringe)

Make sure you check out Aberdeen Restaurant Week and truly get supporting those around us. It's really just a great excuse to get out eating, have a great time and explore the ARW menu's - all can be viewed on my Instagram highlights.

Check out more from Frankie here.

Kelly & Adam // Haim and Awa

We’re Kelly and Adam, based in the Highlands. We started Haim and Awa to share our love of food and drink with a focus on locality and all that Scotland has to offer. We’re proud to champion small businesses, sustainable producers and the foodie finds that make each region stand out! We can’t wait to see what Aberdeen has in store for us as ambassadors for ARW 2022.

Check out their Instagram here.

Greg // gregwhodrinksbeer

A lover of all things craft beer. Can usually be found running, eating, or drinking beer (quite often in that order). Pizza is my food of choice, and I was a happy man when Big Manny's Pizza arrived in town. I used to do all my posting on my blog (, but it's been neglected a bit lately in favour of my Instagram. A keen traveller too, and I always try to take in as much local beer & food as possible when we're away - up next is Berlin later this year, where I'll also be running the marathon.

Also, I don't just share what I've been eating or drinking... if you're stuck for something to watch, I share all my TV & movie recommendations over on Instagram.

If you are interested in joining our Aberdeen Restaurant Week Ambassador team, please get in touch here.

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