Do you know someone who deserves to be on our Everyday Heroes wall at Marischal Square? As part of Nuart Aberdeen Street Art Festival, and as part of a project created by critically acclaimed "craftivist", Carrie Reichardt, an initial group of local folk, both present and past, were immortalised on plaques by local artist, Shelagh Swanson, and made into mosaic pieces with help from members of the community.

There's Indian Peter, kidnapped from the city as a child, who spent time living as a Native American before returning to Aberdeen to seek justice....What about Denis Law, arguably one of the greatest footballers of all time....Or local teacher, Caroline Thomson, who devoted her working life to improving the lives of children, before sadly dying of breast cancer. ...

Now, it's over to you - Who do you think deserves a place on the Everyday Heroes Wall? Someone famous? Someone known only to a few? Living or Dead? One rule - Your nominee MUST have lived or worked, for part of their life, in Aberdeen. AND - If you are successful in your nomination (or first out of the draw, in the event of a tie) then you'll be asked along to Shelagh Swanson's studio to help create the finished artwork, before it takes its place along with the other Everyday Heroes at Marischal Square.

So, get thinking! And get nominating! Click here to submit your nomination

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