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Scotland’s first evening and night time economy manager, Nicola Johnston is set to meet London’s Night Czar, Amy Lamé and attend London’s Women’s Night Safety Summit.

The summit brought together representatives from the capital’s night-time economy, transport network and police force as well as night time economy representatives from across the country.

The summit considered how to build on existing work, with a new commitment from other organisations across the country to ensure that women feel safe at night whether they are on public transport, in a venue or at work.

Nicola Johnston, evening and night time economy manager at Aberdeen Inspired said: “It’s important to share best practice with our colleagues in other cities to see what ideas have made an impact and identify what could make a difference to Aberdeen, especially in terms of safety for both women and men.”

“By bringing partners together from across the night-time economy, we can share ideas and develop an approach that helps ensure patrons are safe wherever they are.”

“Evening and night time economy managers in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin have all developed brand strategies for their cities and have a clear vision of their night time economy, which is what I am continuing to work on for Aberdeen, improving resilience and safety is a very important part of this.”

Amy Lamé, London’s first night czar said: “Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the safety of women at night and through the Women’s Night Safety Summit we’re working hard with our partners to help provide a supportive environment for those working, travelling or enjoying our capital at night. Through this, we can make a real difference to help women make the most of everything our capital has to offer.”

Earlier this year Nicola Johnston hosted Scotland’s first night time economy conference as part of the Aberdeen Inspired Night’s festival in which reducing vulnerability at night was one of the main topics, it also covered themes such as urban life at night, licencing and health and safety.

Adrian Watson, chief executive officer of Aberdeen Inspired said: “As Aberdeen Inspired work towards the city’s sixth Purple Flag accreditation, partnership working and learning best practice from across the country is imperative to improving night time culture, safety and inclusivity.”

Last month, Aberdeen Inspired won the Aberdeen Town and City Management industry award for best national safety partnership, which included night time safety, with efforts cited as best practice.

Sarah Walker, purple flag and evening and night time economy manager at the association of town and city management organisation (ATCM) said: “Purple Flag is striving to create town and city centres that offer a clean, safe, vibrant and diverse evening and night time economy.

“By driving up standards and replacing negative perceptions the programme has helped areas increase footfall and spend, reduce crime and anti –social behaviour and bring a wide mix of activities and events to suit all ages from early evening onwards.

“Aberdeen are a city going from strength to strength and leading the way in Scotland having retained the PF accreditation since 2013. With the strength and dedication of the partnership and the quality and level of offer makes the city an example of best practice.

Aberdeen Inspired is the banner under which the Aberdeen Business Improvement District (BID) operates. It is a business-led initiative within the city centre in which levy payers within the BID zone contribute.

Proceeds are used to fund projects designed to improve the business district. Due to its on-going success, the organisation won 2017 European BID of the Year in July.