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The gift by barrowland ballet photo credit paul campbell 26

Image credit - Paul Campbell

It’s Christmas and every child will be wishing for ‘The Gift’ that makes their Christmas magical. But what if it needs batteries and guess what? The grownups have failed on that front!

Barrowland Ballet’s ‘The Gift’ at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, unwraps the true meaning of Christmas in a playful, charming and imaginative style with technical brilliance and physical theatre that will resonate with audiences young and old.

The Unexpected Gift 3 Andrew Perry

Image credit - Andrew Perry

The story unfolds and treats us to the beauty, magic and fun that cardboard boxes, paper, ribbon and tubes can bring. There are shrieks of delight and faces full of astonishment as the cast of two dance, prance and perform energetic acrobatics imagining and creating different scenes from the usually discarded (and perhaps unnecessary) festive packaging.

The ending is both mini and magical and encapsulates 'The Gifts' adventure in wonder and glee. It will inspire creativity and play within families, classrooms, nurseries and friendship groups.

'The Gift' is truly a gift that keeps on giving at The Lemon Tree until 23 December 2023. Not to be missed.

More information and ticket bookings here.

Review by Shona Byrne, Aberdeen Inspired.

The Unexpected Gift 1 Andrew Perry

Image credit - Andrew Perry