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I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Jessica Daley and Dominic Andersen Photo Marc Brenner 1

Stock, Aitken and Waterman hits are at the heart of I Should Be So Lucky. Image - Supplied by Aberdeen Performing Arts

If you’re a fan of the pop-tastic era that saw hit after hit come out of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman factory then I Should Be So Lucky will leave you with a high energy explosion of nostalgia and a huge smile on your face.

Opening last night to a near full house at His Majesty’s Theatre, I Should Be So Lucky tells the story of Ela (Lucie-Mae Sumner) who is unceremoniously jilted at the aisle by the love of her life Nathan (Billy Roberts).

With no idea as to why she has been left standing alone, Ela’s family and friends rally and decide the best thing to do is head to Torquay, oops sorry Turkey (the planned honeymoon destination) to escape the embarrassment and try to forget about Nathan.

I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Sydney Isitt Ager and Company Photo Marc Brenner 1

Dance and spectacle in I Should Be So Lucky. Image - Supplied by Aberdeen Performing Arts

A beachside story of love then unfolds for a number of the characters. Ela finds herself torn between the advances of resort lothario Nadeem and fiancée Nathan who, upon realising he has made a huge mistake, jets off to Turkey in the hope that he can save the day.

Kylie herself makes several glittering appearances by way of an enchanted mirror and is Ela’s guardian angel and mentor reminding her frequently that she is “Strong, beautiful and fabulous”.

This musical is truly all about the music - you’d be surprised if it was not given the soundtrack of the SAW generation. So, expect a tidal wave of numbers – 26 in all - including Too Many Broken Hearts, Together Forever, Step Back In Time and Never Gonna Give You Up.

No wonder the HMT audience lapped – and whooped – it up.

I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Lucie Mae Sumner and Company Photo Marc Brenner 1

Sit back and enjoy an explosion of energy and nostalgia. Image - Supplied by Aberdeen Performing Arts

Love and laughter flow in and out with the tide as the beachside drama unfolds and, much as expected, love seems to conquer all as the story heads towards its hasty conclusion during the second act.

The show is written and directed by Debbie Isitt the creator of the Nativity! franchise and it can be summed up in one word, fun!

Its camp and colourful set is accompanied by some witty double entendre’s and catch phrases from some of the TV shows the cast members have starred in.

Hot air balloon rides, inflatable props, silliness and a slightly chaotic plot give it the feel of pantomime fun but all things said it’s a show that you’ll walk away from smiling and singing.

I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Jamie Chapman and Matthew Croke Photo Marc Brenner 1

Laughter and song in I Should Be So Lucky. Image - Supplied by Aberdeen Performing Arts

The music really is the star of the show and demonstrates why so many of these songs remain hits decades on from their release.

For me Kayla Carter’s rendition of Sonia’s You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You was a standout piece as were all the hits performed by the full ensemble.

I Should Be So Lucky is a jukebox musical which will sprinkle more than a little musical magic to the crowds it’s sure to draw in to His Majesty’s.

For more information and tickets on I Should Be So Lucky visit here

Review by Shona Byrne