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The newly established Aberdeen Night-Time Commission is seeking representatives from industry sectors to help shape future plans for the night-time economy.

The panel, which is a lobbying body on behalf of the night-time economy at a local and national level, is now being segregated into sub-groups to explore the challenges and opportunities of each one in greater depth.

Organisers Aberdeen Inspired are inviting people from the following sectors to get involved and make their voice heard: cultural venues, nightclubs and bars, retail, offices, restaurants and hotels.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “Aberdeen Inspired is committed to supporting our night-time economy in maximising all opportunities open to our associated businesses and partner agencies.

“The next step of our progression is the ‘Aberdeen Night-time Commission’, a first in Scotland, where the evening and night-time businesses will have the opportunity to work together on agreed goals in positively shaping the direction we take our city centre. We would encourage interested individuals to get in touch and be a voice for the city.”

Nicola Johnston, Aberdeen Inspired evening and night-time economy manager, said: “Establishing the Aberdeen Night-Time Commission was a positive step for us and the city. Bringing together the skills and experience of our night-time leaders is invaluable, and the first meeting was very encouraging.

“Following on from that, we will now segregate the commission into subgroups. This will allow us to explore each sector closely and feedback from representatives within these will help to shape working outcomes for our night-time strategy throughout 2020.”

Workshops for those interested will take place on November 27 and 28 at the Tutti Studio within the Music Hall.

The Granite City has received recognition as the UK lead in night economy management, boosted by innovative strategies such as Inspired Nights on the Green, Aberdeen Restaurant Week and also through positively influencing related policy at both a local and national level.

In addition to the sub-groups sitting under the Night-Time Commission, public transport businesses, community councils, universities and the health sector will be reached through the Aberdeen City Centre Partnership.

For more information and to get involved please email