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Photo Credits - Leah Watt

Meet the Curated In The Quad Stallholder, Leah Watt, and her captivating crocheting creations.

Leah Watt, a passionate creative artist with a fascination for the world of amigurumi (Amigurumi - the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed yarn creatures), is set to join the lineup of stallholders, adding a special touch to Curated In The Quad.

We reached out to this talented creative behind Watt a Story to find out why she loves being part of Curated In The Quad, which unique things people will find at her stall, and why she things it is such a special event.


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Photo Credits - Leah Watt

Can you tell us more about you and why you set up the company?

Hello, I’m Leah Watt, and I have a bit of an obsession with making amigurumi. (Amigurumi - the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed yarn creatures). I began my company Watt a Story in Summer of 2020 after I had spent many months of lockdown crocheting beautiful beasts – and amassing quite the collection! I want to give others the opportunity to adopt my heirloom creations.

Can you tell us about the products you are selling at Curated In The Quad?

At Curated In The Quad I’ll have a vast range of handmade beasties full of character suitable for a wide range of budgets. I’ve made a limited range of ‘positive potatoes,’ ‘emotional support pickles,’ and ‘loving mushrooms’ for this year's Christmas markets that are all holding little signs of affirmation. I’ll also have a heap of Christmas ornaments and critters from the sea, land, and sky.

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Photo Credits - Aberdeen Inspired

Why did you decide to take part in this year’s Curated In The Quad?

I think it’s great that a space has been made in the city centre to provide locally made products to Christmas shoppers with a good bit of variety. Last year's Curated in the Quad market was brilliant to visit and so I am delighted to have secured a space this year.

What are you looking forward to at Curated In The Quad?

I always love meeting new people and matching up the perfect creation for their loved ones or themselves. My stall is running over the first weekend, 17-19 November, and I’m looking forward to the buzz of everyone’s early Christmas excitement and shopping.

What’s your message to people coming to Curated In The Quad?

I hope you have a fantastic time visiting and manage to find some really special items for your loved ones and yourself!

Follow @Watt.a.story on Instagram for a sneak peek of her products!

Photo credits - Watt a Story