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Meet Darren Douglas (Director) of Snugology, which was established in 2020 during lockdown. Darren originally sold bedding online and partnered with his friend who sold mattresses. Snugology was born out of Darren’s inspiration to change his lifestyle as he scoured stores and the internet looking for items to help him feel better - both mentally and physically - weighted blankets, posture pillows and homeopathic remedies, nothing was out of the question.

Now with the first-hand knowledge of what would actually make a difference, Darren met manufacturer and suppliers that shared his vision. Snugology was born and has evolved into a business that could make a real difference to people’s lives.

Snugology opened its first premise in Trinity Centre in May this year offering comfort for all by providing extensively tested and reviewed range of “snugly” beds, bedding, and homeware. Buying a new bed/mattress should be easy and this is where Snugology can help. As a local business Snugology is customer focussed and aim to deliver within 3-5 days from the manufacturer - who happens to be themselves!

Giving back to the community is also very important to Snugology. Darren’s Auntie Sandra who was part of business set up sadly passed away due to cancer and Maggie’s was fundamental to Darren and his family, supporting them all the way. As a thank you, Snugology is working closely with Maggie’s giving 5% discount to those who have been a supporter of Maggie’s and a 5% donation will also be made to Maggie’s from the sale.

In the market for a new mattress or bedding, why not give Snugology a visit for a great selection with competitive pricing.

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