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David Ross is the owner of Ross Bakery which was opened in 1954 by David's mother and father Alex and Margaret Ross.

Located on Chapel Street, Ross bakery is a family run business, with responsibilities passed down through generations. David’s son, Simon, currently works in the bakery full time and his granddaughters part time. Everything is made in house, and they have a loyal customer base - from those who come for midday lunch, to those who come after a night out.

Ross Bakery have lots of choice, from sandwiches and fries to classic pastry items like chocolate éclairs, trifles and their most infamous butteries. They often send batches of butteries down south, and once shipped a batch all the way to Australia - costing a mouth-watering £100!

During the pandemic David needed to think outside the box on ways to survive, selling bags of flour as well as doing deliveries of their goods. We asked David what his favourite baked good was, to which he replied his steak and gravy pie was his favourite.

Pop by today and say hello to David and his family, and treat yourself to a macaroni pie or a funcy piece! 😋