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MEET THE LOCALS - @olivealexanders ❤️

Meet Emily & Hayley, the duo behind Olive Alexanders, a brand-new delicatessen opening in the heart of our city serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with some of the finest wines and cheeses. 🍷🧀

Why/when did you start Olive Alexanders?

"We started it during the second lockdown, after both moving from Edinburgh and moving to Aberdeen. There was that moment of 'do we go and work for someone else and take that risk or set up a business and create our own future?'"

Emily told us she had "always dreamed of having a deli and think it is something that is missing from the UK and has been overlooked for sometime, but now we are starting to get back to that local feel".

You previously had pop-ups at the Backyard Beach Collective and Shiprow Village, how did that go?

"We had initially had our eyes on this place (8 Golden Sq) back in May 2021, so it was a good opportunity to get our product in front of our audience, find out what works and what didn't and build up relationships with local businesses and community in Aberdeen - it let us try new things and make a lot of mistakes!"

"What are you most excited about for opening?

"Finally having it open! We can't wait to settle in and show the public what we can really do, and put our real personality on our products. We're collaborating with a lot of local producers and suppliers so we're excited to be able to showcase them too - building a community is really important to us."

"The thing that we are most excited for customers to try is the wine and the cheese. I think when people think of cheese and cured meat they automatically think of Europe, they don't necessarily think of the UK but we have countless small time bespoke charcuterie producers. People will be able to have the finer things but without paying the finer things price - Scotland has some of the best produce in the world and we're really lucky to be here and we can't wait to showcase that."

Be sure to join them for their launch! Olive Alexanders opens on Wed 6 July, book your table now! They will be open Monday - Sunday, 8am - 10pm and are family & dog friendly.