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MEET THE LOCALS – Nickel & Dime ✨

Meet Naeem Ahmed who has a partnership with his uncle Mohammed Aslam running the family business Nickel & Dime.

Nickel & Dime is a home hardware store, selling a wide selection of home decorating, electronics and supplies plus gardening, health care and pet products. Naeem sums it up by remarking "We sell anything you can think of".

Their shop now located on George Street (opposite the old John Lewis building!) in Aberdeen was previously located in the old Aberdeen Market until it’s recent demolition. The move to George Street to a larger premises has allowed for a bigger product range to serve regular and new customers.

Nickel & Dime was launched in 1988 with the first store in Dundee and has now expanded to multiple stores in the North-East including Aberdeen & Inverurie.

If you are in need of a hardware store, Naeem and his colleagues are on hand to help you! Make sure to follow them on Instagram & Facebook for all the latest offers!