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Earlier this week had a lovely chat with store manager, Chris, of the brand new travel agent, Kuoni, located on Back Wynd. Having operated within the John Lewis store since 2013, Kuoni secured a deal for their new store around a year ago, but chose to wait for the Covid travel restrictions to lift before opening their doors to the public.

Since opening, Chris revealed that they have been busy with both old regulars and new curious customers. Kuoni kept their store in sight to the public during its renovation which Chris says sparked interest with the public and attracted an audience of intrigued passer-by.

Over lockdown, Chris continued to work with Kuoni through an online call centre system where he was heavily involved in cancelling and rescheduling customers holidays. He explained that in some ways this time was really helpful for the team as it allowed for them to strengthen their knowledge, meaning the team feel much more confident in their abilities to deal with issues of any kind.

While they embraced their time working from home, Chris and Ariana are delighted to get back into the store and communicate with their customers face to face. Kuoni prides themselves in providing tailor made holidays to each customer.

In the future, Chris explained that Kuoni are looking to expand their team and potentially open 7 days a week as demand increases steadily. With Kuoni securing their place on the ‘Which?’ List for the past two years, they can be trusted to organise an unforgettable holiday for you.

Finally, Chris revealed his dream holiday destination is Japan, as this has always been on his bucket list. For all of your holiday needs, be sure to book an appointment with Chris or Ariana for a service tailored just for you.