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Smiley Francesco holding the AVO menu.

We want to shine the spotlight on our local businesses and the people who run them, the heroes who keep our city centre ticking.

Francesco runs AVO alongside his friend and co-founder David. We met with him last week to talk about the ins and outs of opening a restaurant in the heart of the city and his favourite dish off the menu.

AVO is the very first avocado based eatery in Aberdeen, sheltered within the walls of the first floor of the Aberdeen Market. With its wooden decorations, the shiny fairy lights and the ceiling plants, the little restaurant is bringing more than amazing food to the city centre; it has quickly become the perfect place to enjoy a well deserved break from shopping or to have a catch up over toast and coffee with friends.

We asked Francesco how the public's response has been so far. He said "It has been outstanding. The two first weeks have generated so much interest over Instagram and Facebook. We are operating from the market which means that at the moment it’s quite underrated and people don’t really have the motivation to come in. This is why we invest on the deco side of the place so to make it welcoming, homey and you get that feeling you wouldn’t get within the market."

As the weeks go by, the public's interest in AVO grows. Francesco commented that "It’s nice to see 16 to 20 people standing on a Saturday morning and waiting for a table to be available. It means that they trust you, it means that they like you! They give you the chance to experience situations that do not always go to plan and giving you the chance to do better rather than just coming and slamming you right from the start. It has been a been a blast".

His favourite dish on the menu is the 'Posh Chicken' because the truffle in it reminds him of Italy, his beloved home country. His favourite thing about Aberdeen is the friendliness and the community feeling he gets from it, but not the weather!

If you want to read more about AVO and check their menu out, head over to the AVO Facebook page or Instagram account.


The dreamy lights and decorations at AVO.