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Meet The Levy Payer: Fierce Beer

Fierce Beer is fiercely proud of being an Aberdeen born-and-bred brewery that is now reaching out across the UK and around the world.

Key to that success is Operations Director Hazel Meehan, who looks after the brewery, the team and ensures the operation runs smoothly with the great range of Fierce beers going out the door on time and at the highest quality.

Hazel told us about the company’s new visitor centre and taproom at the Dyce brewery, its plans for the future and why its city centre bar at Exchequer Row has such a special place in the heart of Fierce.

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Tell us about Fierce Beer

We are a brewery based in Aberdeen. We were founded in 2015 and made our first commercial beer in 2016. We sell our products all over the UK and around the world, export to 20 different countries and supply a range of major supermarkets across Scotland.

We have three bars, one in Aberdeen city centre – which was the first one we opened – as well as Edinburgh and Manchester. We now have a visitor centre at our brewery in Dyce where we offer brewery tours, tastings, private hire and events and a taproom experience.

What do you like about being based in the city centre with your Exchequer Row bar?

Aberdeen is our hometown and it's great to have a premise in the city centre where we can showcase our products and offer an authentic experience to our Fierce Family. Our bar is right in the heart of Aberdeen's centre and sits amongst such a diverse and exciting spectrum of businesses.

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What are the benefits for you and your business of being an Aberdeen Inspired levy payer?

It's great to be part of the Business Improvement District levy, to support Aberdeen in becoming a vibrant, diverse and thriving city. Being a levy payer helps us collectively achieve that goal.

All businesses have struggled through Covid and with the increasing costs in the supply chain. Aberdeen Inspired has helped to support businesses by raising concerns and challenges with the council and other stakeholders to help address these challenges.

It gives us another voice in shaping our city centre. We want to ensure that our city is able to attract and retain the talent needed and the levy helps with a number of projects that can support that goal.

The various art projects, events and festivals introduced or supported by Aberdeen Inspired has helped to bring increased footfall and the opportunity to engage in these events has helped us to connect with customers who may not have realised who and where we are.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, we plan to continue to build our brand awareness and footfall in our Aberdeen city bar and visitor centre out in Dyce. We are increasing our production output and our goal is to increase our listings across the UK, in particular in supermarkets south of the border.

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What advice would you give to new businesses looking to set up in the city centre?

Starting a new business is always a really challenging thing to do, particularly in this political and economic climate and post covid and Brexit things have got even harder.

My advice would be to engage in the multiple initiatives and business networks available and be part of the change that is needed to ensure Aberdeen remains a viable and attractive place to operate. Reach out to your peers and ask for advice, the business network here in Aberdeen is super supportive!

What would be the biggest improvement to the city centre in your opinion?

I think matching the ambitious city centre masterplan with a robust public transport and active travel network would make a huge difference to increasing footfall in the city. Removing reliance on cars is only possible when it is supported by a viable, affordable and reliable alternative.

When you’re not working where is your favourite place or thing to do in Aberdeen?

When I'm not working my favourite thing to do in Aberdeen city is to go to one of the many lovely independent cafes for a good coffee and cake, meet friends for a glass of wine or a cocktail and a bite to eat or to visit the art gallery on a rainy afternoon.

You can find out more about Fierce Beer, their visitor centre and taproom and, of course, their city centre bar by visiting

Follow Fierce on Facebook here.


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