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Starting university was something I had been excited about for a really long time. Learning on campus, going on nights out and meeting loads of new people was really appealing to me. However, due to the pandemic, I never got to experience the typical uni student lifestyle.

When applying for my placement I felt it was really important to get in office in order to gain face-to-face experience. After a few weeks of working with the team at Aberdeen Inspired I’ve discovered that being in office has a larger impact than I thought. For me personally, interacting with people face to face is beneficial for my mental health. Having a wee chat with someone in the hallway, being able to ask a quick question about a piece of work and the walk to and from the office – all improve the working day massively. It’s also a great opportunity for me to learn and shadow a variety of different roles and find out what kind of career I could obtain in the future.

Something I hadn't previously considered was the impact that the increase of individuals working from home has had on the city centre. Cafes, restaurants and shops all rely on busy lunchtimes or a couple of business meeting coffees to keep them steady. Whilst many work from home, these businesses need people to come to them in order to survive. Statistics from UK Hospitality show that over that the industry had missed out on 45 full weeks of the predicted sales figures since March 2020. This highlights the sheer importance of ensuring to support the industry. It’s nice to be part of a work environment which is looking to support its surroundings and encourages others to do the same.

My biggest fear upon beginning a job in the digital marketing world was that I would end up working for an organisation which I didn’t necessarily believe in or connect with, however this is not the case with Aberdeen Inspired. Projects such as ‘Meet The Locals’ whereby we use our socials to spotlight local businesses in the city centre, were a great insight for us as students into some of the lesser-known hidden gems in the city. Additionally, the forthcoming Aberdeen Restaurant week is a great way of creating a bit of buzz around some great spots, as well as encouraging people to support somewhere new, or their old favourites.