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Aberdeen Inspired today issued a call for local people to get involved in ‘Stuck Up’ a worldwide collaborative project which will see a massive ‘Paste Up’ project take place in Aberdeen City Centre as part of Nuart Aberdeen.

A wall spanning nearly half a kilometre has been earmarked for the world’s largest paste-up wall. It will feature curated pieces from a selection of Nuart artists, archive revolutionary street art posters from partner ‘flyingleaps’ together with submissions from artists, poets and creatives from across the globe.

Locals are also being asked to contribute to the spectacle, creating a truly collaborative ‘Paste Up’ wall running from the East Green into the Tunnels which is hoped will result in it being the biggest of its kind in the world.

Commenting on the project, Adrian Watson Chief Executive of Aberdeen Inspired said “This is an exciting opportunity for local artists, creatives, schools, poets, companies and even groups of friends or families to get involved with Nuart Aberdeen this summer.

“This outdoor ‘gallery’ will feature international, national and local work and be a truly unique collaborative project for the city and we encourage people to take part.

“Classes can get together to create a poster from their school, university students can perhaps recreate some of their work in poster form and colleagues can have fun creating a poster of unique work for the wall that perhaps reflects the challenges they have faced over the last fifteen months.

“Nuart Aberdeen is all about making art accessible and open to everyone and ‘Stuck Up’ is a safe and novel way to involve local people in creating an original and unique piece of work for the city as part of this year’s production”.

Councillor Marie Boulton, Aberdeen City Council’s culture spokesperson, said “What a fantastic opportunity for local people to be part of Nuart Aberdeen this year. The wall, which we hope will be the biggest ‘Paste Up’ gallery in the world will be a unique piece for the city and regardless of age or ability people are asked to create their posters and submit them to be included and pasted up alongside posters created by international artists. I’m looking forward to seeing all the submissions, it will be so interesting to see what the people of Aberdeen and the North-East say and create for the wall”.

Nuart Aberdeen is curated and produced by the Stavanger based arts organisation Nuart, spearheaded by Martyn Reed, Nuart Director and Founder, commenting on the ‘Stuck Up’ production he said “Paste Ups are more often than not regarded as an artwork in their own right, usually created in a studio before being transplanted on the streets. The practice crosses over into notions of the more familiar fly-posting when art becomes the vessel for political sentiments and social calls to action.

“In many ways, Paste-Ups demand little more than a tabletop, scissors, magazines and /or paper, are as much related to ‘craft’ as to the rarefied world of contemporary art.

“Perhaps what the world needs right now is a less ‘stuck-up’ and judgmental look at the collective capacity of our communities to engage in shaping public space. A return to a more honest involvement in art as it’s created within cities.”

“Art can be humble while still making an impact; as much craft as high concept, while still grabbing attention and changing minds. The more accessible the initial process of making art becomes, the more likely it is to reach a wider audience.”

In the spirit of inclusion which Nuart Aberdeen embodies all submissions, as long as they are not massively offensive will be used. To get involved create your posters, poems, print outs, photos and collages to STUCK UP, THE ANATOMY ROOMS, MARISCHAL COLLEGE, SHOE LANE, ABERDEEN, AB10 1AN.

The wall will be produced during the month of July 2021.