Aberdeen’s pioneering graffiti gang will make a starring appearance on The One Show tonight (Tuesday May 21).

Producers of the show shadowed the group throughout the LATA 65-Young at Art workshop during the internationally award winning Nuart Aberdeen, getting an in depth insight into their artistic exploits.

The gang have been propelled into the national and international spotlight with four members recently appearing live on This Morning to give Phil and Holly a graffiti masterclass.

Our graffiti gang of over 65’s putting the Granite City in the spotlight are : Vivien Kennils, Rosemary Murray, Hazel Smith, Dennis Noble, Maggie Wilcockson, Fiona Maclean, Pearl Cameron, Martine Shepherd, Rosemary Kemp, Caroline Butler, Francis Blore, June Wyness, Anne Yule, Dorothy Bothwell, Gay Stewart-Gibb and Jean Robinson.

Seen by many as a pastime of the young, the group continue to show that age is just a number when it comes to street art and graffiti. LATA 65 emerged as a challenge to take the interest shown by an ‘ageing’ audience to prove that ‘active ageing’ makes sense.

In April, the 16 participants took part in a workshop led by internationally renowned Portuguese curator and architect, Lara Seixo Rodrigues, and learnt all about graffiti, starting with its roots in activism and graffiti. They were then let loose in a frenzy of artistic expression on a wall in the city centre, producing their own work as part of the festival.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “The moment that our LATA 65-Young At Art participants created their artwork at the Adelphi is one that the Aberdeen Inspired team and passersby will never forget. Seeing such joy and passion was incredible and their story has travelled all over the world since then.

“We are sure that their enjoyment and happiness throughout the project will shine through the segment on The One Show tonight. They are sure to capture the hearts of the audience and we can’t wait to watch it. This project has left a lasting impression, not just on a wall in our city, but in the hearts of the public as well, and brought Aberdeen onto the global stage.”

Pearl Cameron, one of the LATA 65-Young at Art participants, said: “I am so looking forward to reliving the experience through the One Show tonight. It was such good fun at the time and a wonderful experience. We all got to know each other really well and stay in contact. Everything about it was positive and it has led to so much attention for Aberdeen.

“It really has opened up dialogues in the city, changed attitudes and broken down barriers between the old and the young. People have been coming up to me and saying they recognise me off the telly which is lovely.

“From our experience through LATA 65-Young At Art to Nuart Aberdeen itself, everyone is talking about the art around the city and the fact it has highlighted areas that have never been highlighted before. The best thing for me is that I have carried on learning more and doing the stencils and the art – I love it.”

LATA 65 Young At Art 2 photo credit Louise Kendal