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Aberdeen Inspired is led and funded by the City Centre business community. Its aims are wide ranging, designed to reinvigorate the City Centre for the benefit of all who work, live, shop and visit.

While participation is mandatory for eligible businesses within the BID footprint, others from outside the defined area with an interest in promoting the city and having a voice in Aberdeen are able to engage and pay a voluntary contribution which is in most cases based around their rateable value.

Business Improvement District (BID) legislation states that all eligible businesses in the BID area pay a set levy. This money is used to pay for the services and improvements that the BID provides. Aberdeen City Council collects the levy on our behalf ensuring complete transparency, security of money collected and auditable collection procedures.

Membership of Aberdeen Inspired

Everyone who fully pays the BID Levy is eligible under Aberdeen Inspired’ s articles of association to become a member of the company. However, before they can become a member the board will need to approve the application. In deciding, the board will consider whether the applicant will promote the objectives of the company (including the BID business plan). It will be at the discretion of the Board whether the applicant is approved.

For further information please contact or give us a call.